Ah it seems so long ago when Saboosa and his family of giants lived in the tower atop Mount Battie in the Camden Hills of Maine. They were a lively bunch. You don't see a lot of giants these days. We've all become so very small. Small may be the wave of the future, but the world will miss the loving hearts of these kind creatures. Look back with me, and remember a time when giants ran around these hills, with a little bed time story titled, Saboosa's Burp.

Many moons ago my family and I lived in an old farm house in the foothills of Mt. Battie. One dark winter night all snuggled in bed, the resident 3 year old told my wife and I this tall tale. We wrote it all down and recorded us acting it out together. Then later, I did my best to animate it. The children's book and cafepress shop are below. From Saboosa's family to yours, may I introduce: Saboosa's Burp!

Saboosa's Burp Animation

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